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General Information


Job title: Director of Elementary Instruction - K-5 Emphasis
Job location: Brookfield, WI 53005 United States
Requisition code: 13780 Hope Street
Date posted: 07/25/12
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Full time position with competitive Administrator benefits package.

Job Description

Job description:
The Director of Elementary Instruction works alongside other administrators and
teacher leaders in the Educational Services Department to carry out the
district mission, vision, values and goals. This professional will have
the following responsibilities:

1. Plan, supervise and coordinate an organized, continuous program of
instruction and curriculum developed on a system-wide basis in accordance with the district’s educational philosophy.
2. Advise the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent on matters
pertaining to maintaining and upgrading the curricular and instructional
programs in grades kindergarten through 12.
3. Ensure articulation of the educational program within and among grade
4. Assume a leadership role or serve as consultant to principals and other
staff on matters pertaining to curriculum development and instructional
and staff improvement
throughout the district.
5. Direct the process by which curriculum change and innovation are put
into effect throughout the district.
6. Facilitate curriculum projects involved in the curriculum design or
renewal process.
7. Make the final decision on recommendations submitted to the
Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent regarding curriculum and
instructional matters.
8. Direct and coordinate applicable Educational Services staff.
9. Supervise applicable district inservice education programs.
10. Coordinate the development of the district’s summer school program.
11. Provide leadership in evaluating the performance of schools.
12. Assist the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent in the
preparation of the annual district budget, in particular that portion of
the budget dealing with system-wide instructional services, materials and
13. Recommend staffing patterns, develop plans for instructional staffing
and participate in the decision-making process concerning standards for
the selection of new professional staff members.
14. Serve on planning committees for new school construction and make
recommendations regarding classroom layout and educational facilities.
15. Provide leadership to and coordinate curriculum study activities.
16. Develop and implement competency-based criteria and standards for
evaluation of the instructional program.
17. Direct the production of curriculum guides, course syllabus and
resource units.
18. Prepare federal, state and/or local reports as directed by the
Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent.
19. Attend professional meetings, conferences, institutes etc. to keep
abreast of current trends and practices in curriculum content and
instructional methods.
20. Coordinate research carried on in the schools by the district’s
employees or by individual groups from outside the staff.
21. Maintain contact and consult with state, regional and local agencies
that affect the curricular/instructional programs of the district.
22. Incorporate required instructional programs into the district’s
23. Interpret instructional services to the public by way of the news
media, community organizations, civic groups and governmental agencies.
24. Perform other related duties as directed by the Superintendent,
Assistant Superintendent or Board.
25. Coordinate new teacher induction and mentoring program.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Job Title: Director of Elementary Instruction - K-5 Emphasis

License Requirements: #10 (Director of Instruction) required; #51
(Principal) preferred

Contract: 100% Contract - Administrator

Desired dispositions, qualifications and skills:
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Evidence of team-orientation and successful collaboration
Evidence of strong facilitation skills and innovation
Comprehensive knowledge of curriculum, teaching methodologies/best practices
Successful experience as a classroom teacher
Previous supervisory and leadership experiences
Evidence of the ability to proactively problem-solve
Desire to continuously learn, grow, develop and change
Experience with continuous improvement models
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