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Hudson School District

General Information


Job title: HR Director - Assistant Superintendent
Job location: Hudson, WI 54016 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 01/03/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Salary negotiable.

Job Description

Job description:
The Hudson School District is seeking an exceptional Human Resources Director to actively lead and focus district-wide efforts and resources on the recruitment, development, and retention of high performing educators and other employees dedicated to the learning and safety of students. This District leader needs the vision, experience, knowledge, and skills to work collaboratively with others to continue development of organizational strategies focused on supporting the high performance of all employees.

Administrative strengths we seek:
• Core beliefs and a future-focused vision
• Strong work ethic and passion to seek and implement best practices
• Strong knowledge base of relevant school laws and policies
• Ability to develop, organize and implement District staffing resources efficiently and effectively in an ever-changing demanding environment
• Skilled in investigation procedures associated with alleged employee misconduct
• Ability to assist principals and other supervisory personnel to address employee underperformance
• Ability to negotiate employee contracts in a non-adversarial manner
• Interpersonally skilled in conflict resolution
• Effective interpersonal, communication, facilitation, motivational, managerial, and community-building skills
• Skilled in the use of relevant technology

The new Director reports to the superintendent and will join a strong team of other District administrators who lead and learn collaboratively with the goal of improving teaching and learning throughout the District aligned with the District’s strategic vision. They share ideas and expertise, solve problems as a team, train together, divide work tasks and responsibilities, and support each other. We are seeking a Director who can learn from and contribute to the district leadership teams. Depending upon the individual’s experience and qualifications, the position may be an Assistant Superintendent.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Minimum 3 years’ experience with a Master’s Degree.

Licenses to be considered:
06 Assist District Admin
10 Director of Instruction
80 Direct of Special Ed
08 SBO
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