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Bloomington Public Schools

General Information


Job title: Executive Director of Human Resources
Job location: Bloomington, MN 55431 United States
Requisition code: IN-13-008
Date posted: 10/01/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Starting at $119,888 depending on experience

Job Description

Job description:
To plan, coordinate, and supervise the operation of the Human Resources Department, so as to enhance the employee opportunities, promote the overall efficiency of the School District, and maximize the educational opportunities available to students.

To develop, implement and administer the School District’s Human Resource policies and regulations.

To negotiate, implement and administer the School District’s collective bargaining agreements with labor unions and enhance labor relations.

To oversee employee benefits, including self-insured dental and medical programs, in collaboration with Labor-Management Committee.

To collaborate with the Superintendent, Administrative Council, Principals, Directors, and other district personnel to fulfill the mission and objectives of the Bloomington Public Schools.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
A master’s degree in the Human Resources field or a related field, such as labor and or employment law, or equivalent experience.

Three years direct experience in the administration of human resources, preferred.

Formal training in negotiations and/or labor relations.

In-depth knowledge of employee benefits.

Human resources experience in public schools preferred.
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