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The Madison Metropolitan School District

General Information


Job location: Madison, WI 53704 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 02/12/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Salary range for 2012-13 is $80,454-$93,789 for 207 days of employment. Salary range for 2013-14 will be determined later in the school year. Additional compensation includes a full line of benefits and a generous Merit Pay Program with progression determined on performance and years of service.

Job Description

Job description:
Under the supervision of the Building Principal, the Assistant High School Principal:
1. Assists in the administration of the school according to the policies of the Board of Education.
2. Interviews prospective teachers and support staff for employment.
3. Provides educational leadership to students, faculty and staff.
4. Observes and evaluates the instructional performance of teachers.
5. Coordinates student scheduling.
6. Monitors attendance and discipline of students.
7. Serves as an instructional leader in supervising the school instructional program.
8. Assists in the review, approval and recommendation of school course offerings and instructional matters.
9. Develops departmental budget for review and assists in developing the school budget.
10. Coordinates management information systems.
11. Representative of the school to community agencies and/or organizations.
12. Coordinates and oversees policies concerning student athletics.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
Required Qualifications
1. Master’s Degree in Educational Administration or related field.
2. Evidence that candidate is eligible to be certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction as District Administrator (04 or 05) or Principal PreK-12 (51) must be received prior to the start of employment.
3. Minimum of two (2) years experience in a management and/or leadership position (such as Dean of Students, Learning Coordinator, Instructional Resource Teacher, Department Chair, Coordinator/Consultant/Planner) within the field of education with at least one year being at the high school level.
4. All positions require experience working cross-culturally and/or commitment to work toward improving one's own cultural competence i.e., valuing difference/diversity, recognizing personal limitations in one's skills and expertise, and having the desire to learn in these areas.

Desired Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Experience
1. Experience in providing strong instructional leadership at the secondary level.
2. Experience working with a diverse high school student populations, staff and parents.
3. Knowledge of current educational innovations, techniques and strategies for diverse students.
4. Knowledge of cross categorical special education programs and their unique functions.
5. Demonstrated ability to provide leadership to teachers and support staff.
6. Demonstrated ability to develop, implement and evaluate curriculum and instructional programs.
7. Experience in involving students, teachers and parents in collaborative decision making.
8. Demonstrated ability to develop and implement an effective school-wide discipline plan.
9. Knowledge of standards, benchmarks and assessments.
10. Demonstrated ability to coordinate and organize student activities and athletics.
11. Demonstrated knowledge in implementing English Language Learner (ELL) programs.
12. Demonstrated ability to effectively plan and implement new initiatives and programs.
13. Demonstrated ability to use computer technology in the performance of duties.
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