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Manitowoc Public School District

General Information


Job title: Director of Pupil Services
Job location: Manitowoc, WI 54220 United States
Requisition code: 43929
Date posted: 02/04/13
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Salary: Negotiable

Job Description

Job description:
The MPSD is a great place for kids, families and educators. We are the 29th largest among Wisconsin’s 426 school districts with over 5,300 students enrolled.

It shall be the responsibility of the Director of Pupil Services to ensure that all children with disabilities and other special needs receive appropriate educational services. The Director of Pupil Services shall administer all special education programs and ensure integration with other instructional departments.

The Director of Pupil Services shall:

1. Provide administrative leadership for all special education and pupil services.
2. Provide efficient and appropriate leadership to plan, develop, implement and
evaluate appropriate special education offerings to all children with disabilities.
3. Provide leadership that integrates special education with regular education.
4. Leads the process for placement, admission, programming and termination
decisions and follow up for individual children with disabilities from early
childhood through age 21.
5. With members of the administrative team, administer, supervise and coordinate
services of special education and pupil services personnel.
6. Develop, administer and oversee the entire individualized education program
(IEP) team process including reports and forms developed for children with
disabilities in accordance with local, state and federal laws.
7. Serve as liaison between special education services for children with disabilities
and regular education, parents/guardians, the community and other agencies.
8. Coordinate and provide related development activities for special education
instructional and ancillary personnel, regular education personnel, and other
district personnel, parents/guardians and other community personnel.
9. Provide/arrange for appropriate facilities, special transportation and resources
for students, staff, programs and services.
10. Prepare applicable budgets, manage budget implementation and provide for
fiscal accountability of pupil service and special education programs.
11. Complete all special education report forms and district plans as required by the
Department of Public Instruction (DPI).
12. Oversee the screening, identification and referral of children suspected of
displaying disabilities.
13. Assist in the recruitment, selection and recommendation of hiring pupil service
and special education personnel.
14. Keeps informed and informs staff of all legal requirements governing special
15. Maintains District’s confidentiality standards.
16. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
1. Proper certification as a Director of Pupil Services or supervisor of special
education as required by state law.
2. At least a master’s degree in special education, administration or related
educational field.
3. A minimum of three years of successful related experience.
4. Knowledge of state and federal regulations governing special education.
5. Knowledge of and experience in the supervision and evaluation of professional
6. Knowledge and experience with the teaching and learning process.
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