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Neenah Joint School District

General Information


Job title: Elementary Principal - Apply by June 28th
Job location: Neenah, WI 54956 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 06/19/13
Job type: Contract
Compensation: Health/Dental provided. Salary will be determined based on experience.

Job Description

Job description:
Position Title: Principal, Hoover Elementary School and Taft Elementary and Early Learning Center

Accountable To: Assistant District Administrator of Learning and Leadership


Serves as the lead administrator at Hoover Elementary School (Grades K-5) and Taft Elementary and Early Learning Center. Hoover has approximately 35 staff members and 307 students; Taft has approximately 32 staff members, 116 Early Childhood students, and 80 Kindergarten students.

Summary Statement:

Under the direction of the Assistant District Administrator of Learning and Leadership, provides leadership to the staff, student body, parents and community. Communicates a vision of high expectations for the improvement of the education program in the elementary school in accordance with the District. Establishes an environment conducive to creativity, motivated performance, and continual learning. Attracts, retains, and develops a talented and dedicated staff. Guides the development and evaluation of the curriculum. Directs the building administration and budget.

Majors Areas of Accountability:

Wisconsin Educator Standards – Administrators

• The administrator has an understanding of and demonstrates competence in the Ten Teacher Standards.
• The administrator leads by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared by the school community.
• The administrator manages by advocating, nurturing and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to pupil learning and staff professional growth.
• The administrator ensures management of the organization, operations, finances, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.
• The administrator models collaborating with families and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources.
• The administrator acts with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner.
• The administrator understands, responds to, and interacts with the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context that affects schooling.

Provides leadership/management to staff at the elementary school.

• Communicates with staff, students, and/or parents/guardians on a daily basis to exchange information, provide support, problem solve, and address questions and concerns arising in school community. Meets regularly with staff to formulate plans for improving education delivery. Keeps staff updated through memos and/or newsletters.
• Serves as a mediator for staff, students and staff, and parents and staff in a manner which is respectful of individuals and their right to reasonably disagree.
• Serves as liaison between the school staff and district administration, advocating for program support and resources in support of the educational objectives of the elementary school.
• Builds an effective staff by participation in the selection and staff development process to ensure that highly qualified staff, who best meets the needs of the school and district, are hired, retained, and advanced.
• Orients staff and communicates to them the district’s philosophy, policies, and procedures in order to foster a successful integration into the school system. Establishes guidelines for the staff to follow during the performance of their duties. Coordinates with other district Administrative staff to establish reasonable levels of consistency in staff utilization and policy administration.
• Observes and evaluates staff performance on a formal and informal basis. Provides feedback, coaching, and counseling to staff regarding performance issues and professional development. Facilitates professional growth opportunities.
• Knowledge and/or experience with early childhood programming.
• Knowledge and/or experience with after school programs.
• Knowledge and experience with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

Provides leadership/management to the student body at the elementary school.

• Interacts daily with students acting consistently as a positive role model. Communicates to students the philosophy, policies, and procedures of the district and the rules of the elementary school. Manages student discipline.
• Directs student record keeping to help ensure the necessary information is gathered in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner and that privacy of data is protected per state and district rules.
• Orients students and their parents to the school program.

Provides leadership to facilitate curriculum design, development, and evaluation in the elementary school.

• Coordinates curriculum development with teachers and other administrators. Works in cooperation with the other elementary schools and the middle schools to ensure a smooth transition for the students.
• Serves on and/or leads District curriculum and/or grade level committees involved in the design or modification of one or more facets of the curriculum.
• Facilitates evaluations of all instructional programs in the school in order to help achieve a curriculum designed to best meet the needs of all students.

Supervises special District programs at the school such as Special Education, Early Language Learners, and/or summer school programs.

Serves as public relations representative for the elementary school facilities.

• Communicates to the parents and community the goals and needs of the middle schools to solicit community support and involvement in student scholarly, arts, and athletic pursuits.
• Works cooperatively with community agencies and services, making effective use of available resources and ensuring students education, health, and needs are met.

Supervises administration of the elementary school facilities.

• Supervises facility maintenance to ensure the building and school grounds are properly maintained, clean, and safe. Directs the conduction of fire and disaster drills at the school.
• Coordinates space allocation and scheduling for school and community events, striving to eliminate conflicts and maximize usage of the facilities.
• Coordinates student lunch program including fee collection, scheduling, and student monitoring.

With the district business office, develops and implements the budget for the elementary school, striving to make appropriate decisions regarding allocation of available resources with competing programs. Controls expenditures of the school to fall with the district approved budget.

Performs other duties as assigned by the Assistant District Administrator of Learning and Leadership and/or leading various District committees such as grants committee, ad hoc committees, etc.

Common Performance Standards:

Communicates with students, parents, co-workers, and members of the community in a positive, courteous, and respectful way. Performs duties in a safe effective manner. Maintains appropriate levels of confidentiality of information. Follows the philosophy, policies and procedures of the District. Models appropriate behavior for the students. Acts as a representative of the District at all school related functions. Keeps parents, staff, and other District administration informed, as needed. Keeps abreast of current educational trends/issues through professional development experiences.

Cognitive Requirements:

The position requires significant cognitive effort to plan and carry out duties. Decisions and actions frequently must occur with minimal time for reflection. Situations faced often involve complex interpersonal communications. Solutions require integration of information and considerable judgment. How a decision is communicated is often as important as the actual message.

Educational/Work Experience Requirements:

This position requires an advanced degree in educational administration (Master’s or higher), a minimum of three years of teaching experience.

Note: All requirements are subject to modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.

This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise. Management retains the discretion to add duties or change the duties of this position at any time.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
This position requires an advanced degree in educational administration (Master’s or higher), a minimum of three years of teaching experience.

Application deadline is Friday, June 28, 2013.

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